Vents: Due to injury currently only servicing ground level exhaust vents systems.

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Welcome to Monument Clean

  • We are professional cleaners of gravestones and dryer vents.  Yeah, we know an odd combination.  But we are professional cleaners of both, and bring over 15 years experience to providing exceptional service at fair costs.  As we are specialty cleaners we do not perform general cleanings, but limit our  services to headstones and dryer vents.  Click here to learn more  about us and why we specialize.  
  • We utilize Bio friendly cleaning methods.  
  • Our #1 Rule is Do No Harm - we use biological compounds to clean stones to allow cleaning without using corrosive chemicals.  
  • Our #2 Rule is honesty and integrity.  If we cannot perform the job, we will tell you why.  Sometimes materials are too fragile to clean, or have existing damages.  We cannot clean plastic vents.   

dryer vent cleaning gravestone cleaning headstone cleaning


Before and After

An example of before and after cleaning.  Photo taken one week after cleaning right side.   We use green biological cleaners that continue too work after we walk away

dryer vent cleaning gravestone cleaning headstone cleaning


When you think its clean....

Cleaning the lint trap screen alone is not enough dryer vent cleaning


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We love our customers, but do the nature of or work we may not be able to respond until the evening or next morning.  

Monument Clean

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