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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you do this?

That's our #1 question.  The answer is quite simple.  It's a calling for us. We saw a need, and few qualified providers.  My Grandmother always visited and tended graves.  So from an early age I knew to tend to the families plots.  After the death of my Grandmother and Uncle, it became my turn to carry the torch.  While performing cleanings for my family, I saw how many stones around me need care and attention.  

I also suffered a medical event that caused me to loss partial vision in one eye, and the damage to my eye, can cause daily challenges.   I needed to be able to control my schedule better due to this, hence starting my own business.    

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Gravestone FAQ's

Do you offer other services besides cleaning

Yes.  We can take care of seasonal cleanings, trim grass and bushes, water, plant or place flowers, place grave blankets.  Your needs and the regulations of the cemetery guide us.  

Will you deliver a message or gift

Yes, we can honor your loved one.  We can recite a poem, prayer or reading, or deliver a verbal message. Or we can place your note in a sealed envelope on the grave-site.  We can deliver a memento as long as allowable by the cemetery regulations.   We will work with you and research any restrictions within the cemetery.  

Isn't the cemetery responsible for the maintenance of the grave?

The cemetery provides basic maintenance such as mowing the lawn.  Most cemeteries do not perform individual grave maintenance.  

What about Perpetual Care I paid for?

This covers general maintenance/repairs of the cemetery.   

What's the difference between a cleaning and light cleaning?

A light cleaning can usually be performed with only water as a follow up to a in depth cleaning.  Our in depth cleanings (called cleanings through our site) utilize a Biological Enzyme cleaner and only need to be performed every couple of years, unless there is heavy staining .  Light cleanings are water only and utilize soft brushes to keep the stone looking clean. 

Can I select the day you visit the grave?

Yes and no.  If we are delivering a message, flowers, or a gift, then yes we can go on a specified date.  There is a additional fee for going on a national holiday.  We cannot clean 365 days a year.  We can only clean weather dependent usually March - October.   We can do other services year round

Since I am not at the cemetery, how do I know what was done?

We will provide you before and after photos to you and designated family members, as well a report of what was done, what we recommend to be done if anything, approximation of next visit (for those on a multi visit plan) 

I am not sure of the exact location of the grave, will you still service it?

As long as it can be located, we will inspect and service it.   Having the plot number and section is very helpful to us.  Most cemeteries have excellent records.  At minimum we need the name of the cemetery,  name on the store, and approximate date of death to research it.  There is an additional fee to research and locate unspecified graves.     

Do you service pet memorials?

Absolutely.  Pets are member's of our families.  Their graves can be serviced just like any other, subject to restrictions of the memorial park.  

Estimates: Why do you charge a deposit and how does payment work?

We charge an initial fee of $25 for all new customers to provide you with a detailed inspection report, photo report, and scope of suggested work and pricing.   This fee covers the cost of our initial locating of grave, inspection, review of cemetery restrictions, and travel time.  If you go with with us to perform a cleaning or service, that fee will be applied to that cost.  If you do not use our services that fee will only be returned if the cemetery was in New Jersey within 15 miles of Verona.     

We accept online payments via Paypal or Credit Card payments through Sqaure.  We also accept personal checks.  No work can be performed until check clears.  

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts for servicing more then one stone in the same cemetery on the same service date;  a repeat customer discount; we offer a senior citizen discount, and we offer a military/veterans discount.  

Do you offer memorial gift certificates

In lieu of sending flowers at the time of the funeral , you may want to give the gift of future grave site care.  We'll work with you to come up with plan that is specific to the loved ones.  

Do you repairs gravestones?

At this time we do not do repairs of stones.  If it is an issue that falls under the cemeteries responsibilities, we will assist you in submitting a work order to the cemetery.   With every visit, we provide you a detailed report of the graves conditions and any issues found.  We will also supply you photos of every visit.  

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