Vents: Due to injury currently only servicing ground level exhaust vents systems.

Clean Vents

Primary reasons to clean

Why clean your vents. Firstly, your family safety.  Every year, firefighters  across the country respond to around 14,630 home fires caused by clothes  dryers, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

One-third of these fires is caused by an accumulation of lint, which  means that not cleaning out your dryer vent can set you up for a  dangerous situation that's far more serious than the drop in performance  caused by constricting a dryer's duct work. As per Consumers Report ( )

As a former insurance adjuster, and property restorer, I have seen first hand the damage and devastation fires cause.  Many fires can be prevented.  We offer one time cleaning services, or yearly service contracts.  We clean residential and light commercial vents.  

Secondly, a vent cleaned of lint will make your dryer run more effectively and cost you less money in utilities, as a clean dryer will work better and dry quicker.  

Please be aware due to an injury we currently cannot climb ladders higher then a step ladder, and are only servicing vents that exhaust to a level reachable without an extension ladder.  

Can I afford this?

Yes you can.  Most single family homes with a  ground floor exhaust cost $125.  Light commercial rates start at $150.  Base cleaning will include the vent and the lint trap, around and under dryer.   Base rates include up to 15 feet of vent.    

Is it convenient

Absolutely.  We can accommodate most schedules.  Our base hours are Monday - Friday 8am-4pm and Saturdays 8am-11am.  Early morning, evening and weekend appointments available on request.  We can even set up scheduled quarterly or bi-annual cleanings.